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During the "Junk Wax" era, Topps released limited collectors' editions sets, from 1984 - 1991, that become known as Topps Tiffany cards by collectors.  The sets included the exact same cards as the basic Topps issue, except the Topps Tiffany cards were printed in Ireland on premium white cards stock with a glossy front.  Topps Tiffany cards were only sold in complete sets.  The Topps Tiffany boxes were just as upscale as the cards.  The boxes featured a solid color with a unique gold colored design.  The boxes were sealed with a gold circle foil sticker with the words, "CONTAINS ONE COMPLETE SET."  The bottom of the set box is white.  Only the 792 card sets were individually stamped with the set number on the bottom.  In 1989, Topps wrapped the 792 card set in cellophane.  In 1990, Topps upgraded the box, added gold foil and a gold rectangular sticker to the bottom with the set number printed on.   Topps also added shrink wrap to the traded set.  In 1991, Topps upgraded the shrink wrap to include it's brand name "TOPPS"  stamped all over it and added it to the 792 card and traded sets. 

Topps also released Bowman Tiffany card sets in 1989 and 1990.  The cards were also printed in Ireland on premium white card stock with a glossy front.  The boxes lacked the flair of the Topps Tiffany design and did not have the unique gold foil seal.  Instead, both sets were sealed in cellophane.  They were also individually stamped with the set number on the bottom.  

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